Article Template

Malay and English Template


How to submit an article?

Authors interested to submit articles to ATTARBAWIY may do so by using Online Journal System (OJS). Articles submitted should be in the form of a research paper and discuss current issues relative to themes decided by the journal editorial board. Articles submitted should adhere to journal format which can be downloaded at the Malay and English Templates Section.

What are the contents of the article?

Articles can be written in Malay and English language using Microsoft Word 2007 and above. Main font should be Garamond with varied sizes. Authors may refer to Malay and English Templates for further information. All tables, figures, and diagrams should be numbered and labelled. Content table should apply Garamond font, size 10.

What are the characteristics of the articles submitted?

Should the article consist of Quranic verses in the article, only verse translations should be included. The article should apply single spacing format and justified. It should be marginated by 1 inch on the right, 1 inch on the left, 1 inch above and 1 inch below. Articles need to have a title (enclose title in English if article is written in Malay and vice versa) and the author’s name and the second author’s name along with full address (institution’s or university’s address, e-mail, together with the second author’s details). Each article must include an abstract and title in English (if article is in Malay). The length of the abstract is no more than 300 words including 5 keywords. The length of each article must not exceed 6000 words. Reference for each article must be written according to American Psychologist Association (APA) style.

How is the evaluation process of articles submitted?

This journal adopts double-blind review procedure. It means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

How is the acceptance process of articles submitted?

Notification of Acceptance is divided into two stages. The first stage is Letter of Acceptance/Rejection for Publication – The editorial board of the journal will send a letter by e-mail to the author to notify the status of manuscript being reviewed by the editorial board is approved or declined to be published. The second stage is Letter of Publication – The editorial board of the journal will send a letter by e-mail to the principal/correspondent author to notify the status of the article that has been viewed, edited and corrected to be published in journal.

Articles submitted for publication at ATTARBAWIY should be in the form of research study. Authors interested to publish articles in the journal should adhere to article format as stated by the journal editorial board. Additional format can be included if deemed necessary. Article format is as follows:

  1. Title (Malay and English)
  2.  Complete affiliation
  3.  Corresponding author’s e-mail address
  4.  Abstract (Malay and English)
  5.  3 to 5 keywords (Malay and English)
  6.  Content of article
    • Introduction
    •  Background of Problem/Problem Statement
    •  Literature Review
    •  Objectives and Research Question
    •  Data Analysis
    •  Findings and Discussion
    •  Conclusion and Recommendation
    •  Acknowledgement (optional)
    •  References